Download Retouch4me Skin Tone 1.010 Full

Download Retouch4me Skin Tone Full Key, Retouch4me Skin Tone for Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One. Retouch4me Skin Tone is software that automatically finds exposed skin areas in an image, determines the average skin tone, and adjusts the skin tone according to that color. It will correct skin tone not only lighten the skin tone of the face but also all other open parts of the body like ears, hands, elbows, etc.

Skin color will become more natural and remove magenta at the same time! You don’t need to mask other areas of the image. Just imagine how much time it will cost you if you need to process hundreds of photos!

In addition, Retouch4me acts as an Adobe Photoshop plugin. It can also be used as a standalone application or as an external editor in Adobe Lightroom and Capture One.

Download Retouch4me Skin Tone 1.010

Size: 59 MB

Link Google drive: DOWNLOAD | Link TeraBox: DOWNLOAD

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